Clarissa Forbes

I am a NEH-funded postdoctoral fellow in linguistics at the University of Arizona, working through the Documenting Endangered Languages program. My 2018 dissertation is a analysis of verbal agreement in Gitksan and Coast Tsimshian. My current work is on Gitksan argument structure and the development of a narrative corpus (story collection), recently including how computational techniques can support the development of resources in fieldwork contexts. I've been working on Gitksan with the UBC Gitksan Research Lab since 2011.

I am from Edmonds (WA; Snohomish), and have since lived in Vancouver (BC; Musqueam) and Toronto (ON; Huron-Wendat, Seneca, Mississaugas of the Credit). I now live in Tucson (AZ; Tohono O'odham, Pasca Yaqui).

Needii am ky'ul 'nii'y ant japt. G̲oohl lax̲yiphl Coast Salish wil saa'witxwi'y, amxsiwaa 'nii'y. 'Wii t'isim ha'miiyaa 'niiy aloohl tx̲aa'nitsxwhl gyat ant suwilaak'insxwi'y. Algyax̲hl yugwit laag̲aldi'y, ii hasag̲a'y nim hlimoohl naa ant si'ix wilaaxhl lip algyax̲diit.
I have not done this alone. I come from Coast Salish territory, and I am a settler. I am very grateful toeveryone who has taught me. I study language, and I hope to help those who are trying to learn the languages of their heritage.
(mistakes are my own. I am learning!)