Gitksan (Gitxsanimx̲/Gitxsenimx̲/Gyaanimx̲)

  • I have been working on the Gitksan language since 2011. Nothing I do would have been possible without the help and inspiration of the elders I have worked with! I am indebted specifically to Barbara Sennott, Vince Gogag, Hector Hill, and Louise Wilson, all of whom I have worked with many times. Their contributions have been tremendous.
  • I am affiliated with the Gitksan Research Lab at UBC. Our project page is linked above.
  • See my Research Summaries page for an overview of linguistic research that I have published on Gitksan.

Miyako (宮古語)

  • I participated in the CoLang 2016 (Fairbanks, AK) practicum on Miyako. See the CoLang 2016 project page linked above for the collective outcome of that practicum. I worked most intensely on narratives and idioms.